Improve helping skills and reduce harm

Use our free competency assessment tools to ensure helpers provide safe, high quality psychosocial support and mental health care

What is EQUIP?

Tools to assess competencies that can be used alongside your existing training and supervision

A dashboard for real-time monitoring and evaluation to track your helpers' improvement

e-Learning resources on competency-based assessment, training, and supervision

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How it works

EQUIP is for trainers and supervisors to improve the quality of their team's psychosocial and mental health helping skills

Train and supervise your helpers

Run role plays as part of existing training or supervision sessions. EQUIP tools can also be used in live observation. 

Train your helpers as normal
Rate trainee competencies using EQUIP

Rate trainees on competencies at any point during, before or after the training.

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Rate their skills using EQUIP
See visual results

Monitor your team's competency development, provide detailed feedback to support improvement and adapt your training and supervision according to identified trainee needs.

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How it works in Peru
This video shows a real world example of how EQUIP has been used since 2020 in Peru with expectant mothers to improve the quality of the services provided by Community Health Workers.

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